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Keith Stone

"I grew up listening to anything I thought was cool. It could be Cream or Moody Blues or Herbie Hancock or Buddy Rich records. My band buddies and I wore them right through. Growing up in Texas, going through school learning the tenor sax, I was listening to honkin' Texas Tenor players like King Curtis and Fathead Newman. One of my adolescent idols was John Smith, the legendary tenor man with Edgar Winter and White Trash. In my opinion, he is the greatest rock tenor player ever."

Born in Dallas county, raised near Ft Worth, Keith enjoyed exposure to the rich blues and jazz heritage emanating from Texas' urban stew pots; Ft Worth, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio. Add some Hill Country Swing from Austin and some Latin pepper from The Valley, growing up in Texas was a rich tapestry of musical influence. Keith has played all over Texas with a variety of Dallas based bands, doing styles from traditional Texas rockabilly, blues, rock, to original World Beat project. He has appeared on many recordings by some of these Dallas based groups and helped write and produce two CDs by ooga booga, an all original World music project that enjoyed a seven year run performing around Texas and sold nearly ten thousand CDs, most from the bandstand.

"I came up here seven years ago because I love to go sailing," Keith explains. "I gave up those brown water lakes for the incredible beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Any questions? It's just a lovely accident for me that I managed to hook up with a bunch of great musicians as well. These guys are really fun just to hang with, so it's no accident we have a blast making music for happy people. Y'all come see us."