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John Hanford

John Hanford (Guitars) - lives in Seattle, where he has performed and studied music for over forty-five years. In addition to having supplied regular guitar duties for The Fabulous Wailers, Kathi McDonald, and Burgundy Express, John has performed with many regional and national rhythm & blues, country and rock acts, including Patti Allen, Monster Road, The Ventures, Herb Hardesty (Fats Domino), Freddy and the Screamers.

John is a charismatic performer with a sharp wit and a desert-dry sense of humor. His tasty and lyrical melodies and chord work place him solidly among the best players in the Northwest. He also seems to have at least one new guitar or piece of gear at each gig. He is prolific and profound in the Seattle music literature and on his Facebook account. He also holds a Ph.D. in historical musicology, and he currently teaches music history at the University of Washington.

John has also peformed with Gail Harris, Kent Morrill's Tribute to Roy Orbison, Neil Rush Band, Jimmy Holden, Marlin Gree (Muscle Shoals), Franky Lee, Jeff Kathan's Kathos, Mike DeRosier, The Daily Flash, Jim King, Merrilee Rush, Tom Erak, The Sonics, LJ Porter, Jeff Afdem, Seattle Women in Rhythm and Blues, Burgundy Express, Dan Bonow's Knaves, Goldie McJohn, Cat's Meow, Valerie Rosa, Eric Apoe and They, Norm Bellas, Bassic Saxx, Little Bill Englehart, The Bare, and others.