Mark Bushbeck John Hanford Teri Derr Ron Leonardi Keith Stone Matt Clausen

Mark (Miles) Bushbeck

Yes, he's originally from Chicago! Miles has been a performing musician in the Seattle area with various bands for over a decade.  He's been seen and heard on stages from coast to coast in 17 major cities throughout the U.S. and has performed on numerous albums. He's been fronting this band for about 5 years.

Miles also landed songs on 3 Seattle compilation CDs (Sounds from the Underground, Raw Cuts, and Seattle Music Scene). One song (Stop Talkin', Start Walkin') from his Seattle solo recording project  "Degrees of Freedom"  received some airplay on KISW-FM. Having studied music at the University of Wisconsin and the University of Washington, he's an accomplished classical guitarist and trombone player too.

"Life is what you make it," he says, "and I am all about creating places for people to be playful, dance and just enjoy a few moments in life. That's what music is about for me.  It's so much fun to play with this band. We all love it and the energy is contagious..."

Miles is playful on stage and comfortable with people. His sense of rhythm and humor keep people amused and entertained. He also surrounds himself with several excellent musicians:

John Hanford (guitar)

Teri Derr (vocals)

Ron Leonardi (keyboard)

Keith Stone (Saxophone and Vocals)

Matt Clausen (drums)