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We have been taking a well deserved holiday break from live performances and decided to use this opportunity to build out a new website. We are always open to playing shows though. If you would like to book Miles From Chicago, hit our e-mail which will soon be our “Say hello” page (it will be up soon) with the details. In the meantime we’re all planning and scheming for this year’s fun, and were working hard on the new material. If you wanna come hangout with us at the bat cave, well… perhaps that could be arraigned ;0) See you soon.


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Back Stage

Inside scoop from Vern: Hey all. Were in the process of revamping the band and rehearsing new material for this next run of performances. I’m also working on this new website.Hit the Say Hello tab at the top of the page if you want to contact us. We’re always open to suggestion as to songs, venues, gigs etc. Be sure and come on out and dance your face off, As always we will showing off our stuff all over the Washington area. Check back here for more details. :0)

Miles From Chicago consists of: Mark –  Bass, Teri Derr – Vocals, Pat on Keyboards, Various – Electric Guitarists, Vern Lawton – Drums

Miles From Chicago focuses on bringing you classic Rock&Roll. It is very danceable and routinely explores music from the greats in many genres, hinting at flavors of blues, rock, and soul. We strive to include the listener’s field of vision into our compositions as well as in our performances.

We continue to present our current and new material to audiences around the greater Seattle area.

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